Soon after the Swift announcement last year, I decided to start writing a series of introductory tutorials for busy people who did not want to wade through the exhaustive official documentation.

The site launched as and managed to draw a few hundred subscribers across Twitter, RSS, and email. After writing the initial batch of posts covering most of the basic concepts, I decided to take a pause to figure out the next steps.

Fast forward a year later. Swift 2.0 is almost out of beta and—better yet—is scheduled to go open-source by the end of the year. To celebrate the occasion, I decided to resume where I left off a year ago.

Today I’m happy to relaunch the site as Swiftbits. Here’s a rundown of the most salient changes:

  • New design, including a new logo.

  • New RSS feed. Re-subscribe here.

  • All tutorials were updated for Swift 2.0 and grouped under their own category.

  • New code examples. Bonus points if you get all the references.

  • The exact version against which the code samples were compiled can be visible at the top of each tutorial.

  • Playgrounds were replaced with Swift source code; it’s more versatile and comes with less overhead.

Follow Swiftbits on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Happy Swifting!